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UHS Urology Provides Innovative, Patient-Centered Cancer Care

Our physicians, surgeons and staff at UHS Urology understand that a cancer diagnosis can be distressing and overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. That is why we are dedicated to fighting this disease alongside our patients—guiding them every step of the way.

Our urologists at UHS Urology delivers state-of-the-art disease management by integrating the latest medical technologies, minimally invasive therapies and research. At our center, patients with urological cancer receive the highest level of care from a multidisciplinary team of experts, including surgeons and oncologists.

We educate patients and families about available treatment options, while continually offering them access to innovative and advanced therapies.

Taking Patient Care to the Next Level

At UHS Urology, patient health and well-being are top priorities. We make every effort to compassionately guide our patients and their families through the treatment process—from the first hospital visit to the postoperative appointment.

Our team of physicians, nurses and staff collaborates on each patient’s case, tailoring a precise treatment plan that is best suited to the patient’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

We offer a wide array of treatment options ranging from conventional care to leading-edge alternatives. Patients facing a urological cancer diagnosis can be confident that they will receive the most advanced and effective disease treatment at our center.

We treat the following types of urological cancers:

Helping Patients and Families Fight a Frightening Diagnosis

The medical team at UHS has each patient’s best interest in mind, striving to deliver the highest level of care available. We partner with our patients to make treatment decisions that are the most conducive to their disease and lifestyle. In addition, we make every effort to fully educate patients and their families throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process.

Our team is focused on:

  • A multidisciplinary approach to patient care
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Developing and assessing the latest minimally invasive techniques, leading to a quicker recovery with less pain
  • Evaluating and offering clinical trials that may lead to groundbreaking therapies

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