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Stay Healthy Seniors

Our Stay Healthy Seniors is a New York-based program that promotes healthy aging through a wide range of wellness programs and classes. We also provide confidential, individual counseling on a range of topics including:

  • General Insurance Information
  • Levels of care issues 
  • Nursing home placement
  • Health care proxy
  • Grief and loss
  • Sandwich Generation - deals with children of seniors caring for them and their own children.
  • Retirement coaching

Living with Chronic Disease

A few times each year, Stay Healthy Seniors offers a chronic disease self-management program developed by the Stanford University Patient Education Research Center.  The “Living Healthy” classes are taught by an instructor who is living with a chronic disease.  Classes meet for 2.5 hours each week for six weeks.  A study conducted by Stanford shows that program participants experience improved health and fewer hospital admissions.  For more information, call UHS Stay Healthy at (607) 763-6383.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Caring for someone else with chronic illness such as dementia, heart disease, Parkinson's Disease or stoke can be stressful.  Powerful Tools for Caregivers can help you better take care of yourself while caring for others.

To learn more about counseling or our Healthy Living classes, please call the Stay Healthy Center in New York at (607) 763-6383 to make an appointment.

Find out about classes that address some of the most common issues affecting seniors. You can also learn more about our health risk assessments and counseling or take a look at all the benefits Stay Healthy Seniors offers.

Join Today

UHS Stay Healthy Seniors Coordinator Dorothy Gardner is available at (607) 763-6383 for informational talks on a variety of health and wellness topics. 

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