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Financial Assistance

At UHS we believe that fear of a hospital bill should never be a reason to avoid seeking necessary medical care. If you have concerns about paying your hospital or provider bill, UHS' financial assistance program can help.

Contact Information

UHS Wilson Medical Center or UHS Binghamton General Hospital

UHS Medical Group (Physicians)

UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital

Financial Assistance Summary

UHS Hospitals

UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for financial assistance through UHS?

To apply, download an application by clicking on the place where you received services. Then print and fill out the application following the instructions on the form.

How do I find out if I am eligible for financial assistance?

In order to determine the level of assistance you may be eligible for, it is necessary to complete a financial assistance application. Information that documents your income such as pay stubs, tax returns and any other financial records that support additional income must be submitted with the

Will all my bills be eligible for financial assistance?

Some services at our facilities are provided by private physician groups, such as radiologists and other specialists are not covered by our program. Our financial assistance staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding what our program covers.

How will I know if I’ve been approved for assistance?

You will receive a written notification of approval or denial.

What if I’m denied financial assistance?

You may be eligible for a formal appeal, or we can work with you to establish a payment arrangement.

Financial Assistance Policy

UHS Hospitals

UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital