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UHS Cardiac Rehabilitation

UHS Cardiac Rehab

Location / Contact

Cardiac Rehab is located at 20 Mitchell Avenue on the Binghamton General Hospital campus. To learn more, please call 607-762-2178

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UHS Cardiac Rehabilitation program provides a multi-faceted approach to improve cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Cardiac Rehabilitation begins upon admission to the hospital and continues well after discharge.

The program begins with an initial rehabilitation consult provided to patients in the hospital recovering from a cardiac event.

Cardiac rehabilitation continues soon after discharge as a comprehensive, medically supervised exercise and education program for those who have experienced a cardiac event. Each program is individually designed to meet the needs of the patient and promote the fullest possible recovery, and includes on-going updates to a patient’s cardiologist or primary provider. This phase typically lasts 12-18 weeks and is covered by most insurances. UHS Cardiac Rehabilitation is nationally certified by AACVPR, maintaining the highest level of commitment and care to our cardiac patients.

Enrollment and Cost

Patients are accepted into this program by physician referral. Eligible participants will meet with a Cardiac Rehabilitation Registered Nurse for an initial interview. An individualized exercise prescription will then be developed by one of our Exercise Physiologists. Participants can choose to exercise 2-3x/week. Class days and times will be determined at the time of initial interview and are based on availability. Since UHS Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically accepted and supervised program prescribed by your doctor, it is covered by most insurance contracts for most cardiac diagnoses. Our team will help you determine your insurance coverage at your initial intake appointment.

UHS Health and Wellness program

Health and WellnessUHS Health and Wellness program offers an individualized exercise program for those who have completed out-patient Cardiac Rehabilitation or for anyone in the community interested in a medically supervised exercise program. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, a family history of heart disease, want to lose weight or just improve your overall health, this program may be right for you.

Some of the many benefits of exercise include:

  • Improved cardiac and overall physical function
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other health conditions
  • Better blood pressure control
  • Increased HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Decreased dependence on certain cardiac and/or diabetic medication
  • Increased self-confidence and sense of well-being

Staff and Facility

Our staff consists of Exercise Physiologists and Cardiac Certified Registered Nurses. A UHS physician is also immediately available for emergency situations. The UHS Health and Wellness Gym is located in Phelps Hall - 20 Mitchell Ave. Binghamton, NY.   Free parking is available next to and behind Phelps Hall or in the Visitor’s Lot across from the hospital’s main entrance. It is an air-conditioned facility complete with a wide range of exercise equipment.

Enrollment and Cost

All participants must have a medical clearance form from their physician in order to join the UHS Health and Wellness Program. Participants will meet with one of our Registered  Nurses for an initial interview. An individualized exercise plan is then formulated by one of the exercise physiologists. The Health and Wellness Program enables participants to exercise in a controlled environment with the safety of having cardiac certified nurses and exercise physiologists available to monitor health and exercise response.

Exercise sessions are available Monday through Friday.

Participants can attend one-hour sessions two to five times per week. Class days and times will be determined at the initial intake interview. 

Program costs are based on two to five sessions per week. We are unable to bill third party payers, therefore participants must pay for program participation. Check and credit card payments are accepted.

2 sessions per week - $27 per month
3 to 5 sessions per week - $34 per month

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Health and Wellness program are both equipped with state of the art exercise equipment and monitoring systems. Both programs are medically supervised and staffed by a dedicated team of cardiovascular nurses and exercise physiologists. The programs provide an individualized exercise program along with counseling, emotional support and education.

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