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UHS Pain Management

Where improving the quality of your life is our Number 1 priority.

Dr. Bennett joins UHS Pain Management

Orthopedic surgeon and pain management specialist Matthew Bennett, MD, formerly of Tier Orthopedic Associates, has joined UHS Pain Management in Vestal.

Dr. Bennett is a board-certified specialist who has practiced in the Southern Tier for more than 13 years.

A graduate of Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, he completed fellowship training in orthopedic spine care at the Texas Back Institute near Dallas and today makes pain management the focus of his medical and surgical practice.

Whatever type of acute or chronic spinal pain a patient may be dealing with, improving his or her quality of life through the latest comprehensive pain management, spinal injections, radio-frequency ablations or other pain management treatments is Dr. Bennett’s top priority.

Dr. Bennett joins the following providers on the UHS Pain Management team: Javaid Malik, MD; Robert Patterson, MD; Sajid Khan, MD; and Cori Pane, FNP.

Dr. Malik is a board-certified anesthesiologist specializing in pain treatment and management. He received his medical degree from Rawalpindi Medical College in Pakistan and has been practicing in the Southern Tier for more than 20 years.

Dr. Robertson graduated from Syracuse University and completed a residency at Upstate Medical University. He specializes in anesthesiology pain management.

A graduate of Nishtar Medical College in Pakistan, Dr. Khan has practiced in the Southern Tier for 24 years, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

A nurse practitioner specializing in neurological surgery, Cori Pane has more than 12 years' experience in the field of pain management.

All providers are welcoming new patients.

UHS Pain Management, previously known as Comprehensive Pain Relief, is located at 200 Front St. in Vestal. Appointments can be made by calling 748-0398.

Our team approach can make a world of difference

A wide range of medical and surgical pain relief methods are available at UHS Pain Management. Your team of providers will work with you to design a pain management plan that is tailored to your specific pain and its causes.

Among the approaches and therapies available are:

Pain medications, acupuncture, nerve-block injections and local anesthesia, trigger-point injections, spincal cord stimulation, spincal drug delivery systems, reduction of cancer-associated pain, patient-controlled analgesia pumps, electrothermal and bioelectrical therapies, and surgical options.

Your team will also enable you to learn about possible lifestyle changes that can enhance your pain relief.

Procedures also offered at Ambulatory Center

If you doctor schedules you for a certain type of pain management procedure, it may be provided to you in the UHS Ambulatory Surgery Center at Wilson Place, at 52 Harrison St. in Johnson City, next to UHS Wilson Medical Center.

On arrival, you will find that the building is served by free valet parking, so you won't have to search around for a parking space. One of UHS' reliable and cheerful valets will be happy to park your car for you and bring it back after your appointment.

In the Ambulatory Surgery Center, you will have the comfort of knowing that the patient care environment is of the highest standards, offering the latest in pain management imaging and injection technology. Safety, accuracy and quality in your pain treatment are our top priorities.

Are you dealing with spinal pain?

Don't go it alone.

We're here to help.

UHS Pain Management offers the latest in medical and surgical options. No matter what kind of spinal pain you’re living with - whether due to injury or disease - UHS Pain Management is provides the latest in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

Today, advances in medical science and technology, along with compassionate care focusing on improving your quality of life, have made pain relief and pain management more possible than ever before. Ask your provider for a referral to UHS Pain Management today.

UHS Pain Management

UHS Pain Management, previously known as Comprehensive Pain Relief, is located at 52 Harrison St., Johnson City.

Call for more information, or for an appointment: 748-0398

For a map and directions to our offices, click here.

All providers are welcoming new patients.

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