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Reconstructive Surgery Center

Since 1992, the Reconstructive Surgery and Orthopedic Health Care Center at UHS Binghamton General Hospital has combined the skills of many medical specialties, close collaboration with patients and their families, and long-term case management to form one of the few clinical programs of its kind in the country. Here, we treat patients with severe physical problems resulting from birth defects, injuries or disease.

Among the surgical procedures performed at the center are reattachment of extremities, plastic surgery of the head and face, cleft palate repairs, knee replacement, hip replacement, bone and tendon grafts, skin grafts, rebuilding of facial bones, dental reconstruction, hand and joint reconstruction, amputation and stump reconstruction, and plastic procedures for morbid obesity.

People with severe disfigurements or disabilities typically face years of surgery. At the center, we plan and coordinate their care so their hospital experience is as worry-free as possible and their transition back to everyday life is smooth.

Following reconstructive surgery we deliver information and guidance, connecting patients with counselors, support groups, guide dogs for the blind or hearing-impaired, vocational training, transportation to therapy sessions, prescription delivery, home health care, housekeeping services and introductions to helpful agencies in the community. Because we provide complete case management, our patients can focus on a single thing—getting well.

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