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Cancer Survivorship & Support

If you or someone you love is living with or has completed treatment for cancer, find the practical and emotional support you need at UHS, including dietary assistance, social worker support, survivorship plans and more.

Cancer Support Services

Whether you have cancer or are caring for someone who does, trust UHS to provide you with the support services you need.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Restore your energy, strength and mobility with cancer rehabilitation at UHS. Physical, occupational and speech-language therapy can help you improve your ability to perform everyday tasks, endurance, immune system, mood and more.

Dedicated Oncology Social Workers

You’ll benefit from the help of the area’s only oncology program with social workers who are dedicated to the care of individuals living with cancer. These professionals can connect you with any services you need to complement your treatment plan.

In the event of a terminal cancer diagnosis, your oncology social worker can also refer you to services provided by the Transitional Life Care Team, which includes pastoral care and a specialized physician.

Free Transportation to Medical Appointments

If you need help getting to and from your medical appointments, our employees will give or coordinate free rides for you as part of the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program.

For patients who live in Broome, Delaware or Tioga counties you can also contact the “Get there” program for your transportation needs. Call 855-373-4040 to arrange for transportation. This program is provided by the Rural Health Network. You can also visit them at

Help with Tobacco Cessation

Reduce your risk for cancer, heart disease and other health conditions by ceasing use of all tobacco products. We understand quitting can be hard. It’s why we provide you with individual tobacco cessation counseling to help you tailor your cessation program to your specific needs. For information about the program, call 607-763-5555.

Cancer Survivorship Care Plan

If you get treatment at UHS for breast cancer, you will receive a cancer survivorship care plan once your treatment ends. This plan, which includes a diary of your care for use by other doctors in the future, will help you transition back into your life post-cancer treatment.

Your survivorship care plan will give you helpful information about:

  • Coping with your emotions about cancer and treatment
  • Developing a wellness and healthy lifestyle plan
  • Managing follow-up care
  • Maintaining healthy family relationships
  • Adjusting to life post-treatment
  • And more

Cancer survivorship care plans will soon be available not only to breast cancer survivors but also those who complete treatment for other types of cancer.

Cancer Support Groups

Find the emotional support you and your family need through one of the cancer support groups at UHS. Many support groups are open to individuals with cancer as well as their loved ones.

  • Breast Cancer Support Group – Learn about your treatment options for breast cancer from other women who have gone through it or are going through it along with you.
  • Cancer Support Squad - Children ages 5-18 with family members or loved ones with cancer. This support group will off er support to the younger generation who are trying to understand and deal with the emotional strain of cancer. The group meets once a month in the Radiation Oncology Department at UHS Wilson Medical Center. Contact Katrina Mallery at 763-8084 to register.
  • Caregivers Support Group - Join our free support group designed to give caregivers a place
    to talk, share their experiences and meet others that have similar issues. The group is facilitated by Clinical Social Work staff.
  • Look Good, Feel Better – Restore your self-image and learn how to cope with the appearance-related side effects of cancer; includes tips from certified cosmetologists.
  • Mugs for Men – Talk with other men living with cancer for support, solidarity and helpful tips.
  • Tea with Ruth – Come together with others living with cancer for support, friendship and helpful tips.
  • Women’s Expressive Arts Cancer Support Group – Join other women who have or have had cancer to celebrate creativity, resilience and empowerment through discussion and self-expression.

Click here to download the support group information brochure.

Cancer Support Close to Home

Find exceptional cancer support services throughout the UHS service area in New York’s Southern Tier. Services and groups may vary by location. Your doctor or care provider will refer you to the location that best suits your needs.

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