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UHS Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

What is a Workers’ Compensation PPO?

A NYS Department of Health certified plan that provides or arranges for the coordination and delivery of services under the Workers’ Compensation (WC) Law to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate claimants requiring medical treatment for an occupational disease or injury arising out of the course of employment.

In the traditional state workers' comp system, the employee directs his or her own care. The employer is prohibited from instructing or directing where the employee can seek health care if injured on the job. The Workers Compensation Management Program (WCPPO) is the only mechanism in NYS that gives employers control and allows them to direct care.

The UHS Workers’ Compensation PPO is the only Hospital based program in NYS and its model for managing care is unique to any other program in the state. This model has achieved outstanding success at lowering experience modification factors and reducing incurred costs and reserves. Overall resulting in fewer litigated claim’s, reduced lost time cases, lower medical expenses therefore lowering workers’ compensation premiums.

Presently we are certified in six counties: Broome, Chenango, Chemung, Onondaga, Tioga and Tompkins with a provider network of over 600 providers, including primary care physicians, specialists and surgeons.

For more information on controlling your workers compensation costs and how to join the program call Business Direct at 607-762-2113.

Fast Facts

  • An injury cost 68 percent more if it occurs at work. An employer's response in the initial 24-hour period after the injury determines 50 percent of the future claim cost.
  • A total of 80 percent of return-to-work decisions are made by the employee.
  • A total of 70 percent of all lost work time is medically unnecessary.

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