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Employees: Our Most Valuable Resource

hospital teamEmployee Opinion Survey Results Put UHS Among Top 14% of Healthcare Organizations Nationwide

With over 4,200 employees, UHS is the largest employer in this area, and we also strive to be the employer of choice in our region.

To understand what we need to do to continue to attract and retain a high-performing team of professionals who enjoy working at UHS, we measure employees’ opinions about their work experience at UHS. We regularly use a standardized, anonymous survey which is analyzed by professional consultants. 

Survey results from 2014 validate that UHS ranks in the top 14% nationwide in employee satisfaction for like-size hospitals.  This explains our relatively low turnover rate and the average UHS hospital employee tenure of 10 years.  In fact, we have many employees each year celebrating 20+ years of UHS employment.

At our 2013 annual employee recognition dinner honoring retirees and employees with milestone work anniversaries of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years, there were 67 retirees, fifty of whom had worked at UHS 20 or more years.  In addition, current employees celebrating milestone work anniversaries of 20 or more years numbered 198.

Results from the 2014 survey were very positive. A high percentage of the total workforce participated – a total of 4,471 individuals – or 79% of UHS employees.  This is well above the 71% average for comparable systems nation-wide, which was just 71%.

In addition, UHS employees throughout the organization report a high degree of job satisfaction.  General satisfaction as a system scored 5.82 on a 7 point scale, about 21% higher than the national average, and the UHS score went up this year, while the national average declined.  This high level of employee satisfaction at UHS has translated into a turnover rate far below state and national levels. 

Employees rated UHS very high in a number of key areas, including the organization’s outstanding reputation and commitment to protecting patient privacy and confidentiality.  They also said they would willingly recommend UHS to a family member or friend seeking medical care. 

In general, employees also said they would recommend UHS as a good place to work, feel safe in their work environment and are treated fairly by their supervisor, have expectations clearly explained to them, know who to turn to for answers and have the right tools to do their jobs. 

Of course, there is always room for improvement, and the survey results are reviewed and plans made and implemented to address these areas. 

We understand that satisfied employees are happy ones, and that happy employees are those committed to making the patient experience a great one. This helps us to achieve our goal of service excellence, living up to the UHS brand promise: We listen. We show respect. We give hope.

Evidently, the fact that UHS is a good place to work is getting around.  In 2013, UHS received 35,552 job applications for 1,102 positions filled.